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You can do all this with Organique MY.BiZ Independent Beauty Consultant.
Passive Income

Passive Income

Create an income solely working from home with a company that provides training and support in one of the fastest growing industry sector – Health, Wellness & Beauty

Passive Income

Flexible Working Hours

Work either full or part-time, flexible around your family or current commitments.

Passive Income

Zero Experience Needed

The phenomenal thing about this business is that you do not need any previous experience! Training will be provided.

What's Included

Each ‘Builders Pack’ is based on the top sellers in Malaysia, so you can rest assured you will have the best and easiest to retail in your marketplace to evaluate right at home.

What Do You Want To Achieve?

Get Into Retailing

You can earn RM500 to RM5000 a month just by using and recommending our natural organic ingredient, non-toxin formulation, wellness, nutritional and beauty products.

Be a Team Builder

Together we will develop your skill set and knowledge to enable you to grow a small team. This will bring an income of potentially RM3000 & above per month for you and your family.

Develop A Business

This role unlocks the company incentives; car plan, global travel and a share of the company profits…You’ll work closely with me to develop your team into leaders to build the business and life of your dreams.

It’s YOUR choice!

Do You Think You Have Time?

Most people start their MY.BiZ very part-time around their other commitments, whether that’s a full-time job, stay-at-home parent or a carer for their loved ones.
You only need a few hours a week, that’s the beauty of this opportunity:
It works around YOU.

What Do You Think? Sound Amazing, Right!!

You’ll be your own boss, control your own hours, enjoy extra income and you’ll be on your way to creating financial freedom.
Our exclusive health, wellness, nutrition, beauty products and proven business opportunity are exactly what millions of people are searching for – greater wellness and wealth.

Unit Subject iBO Commmission MY BIZ
RM300 - RM2000 Products 20% iBC
RM2001 - RM5000 Products 25% iBC
Above RM5001 sales Products 30% iBC

Sign up for the MY.BiZ iBO’s Builders Pack
For just RM500 value RM2700

I Just Want To Use The Products, Is It Ok?

Yes, you can simply register with our ‘Start My Membership Kit’ and then just order for your own personal use at a 5% discount off retail price and start collecting points

MediGlo Membership RM98 (total worth RM198)

  1. Organique Member’s Price – 5% discount + point collection
  2. MediGlo Facial Member’s Price – 10% + point collection
  3. Point collection (Convert to cash)
  4. 1x Rehydrate Foaming Cleaner (RM89)
  5. 1x Rehydrate Balancing Toner (RM109)
  6. 1x Product Voucher 30% (3months expiry)
  7. 1x Facial Discount Voucher 40% at Mediglo (3months expiry)
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