Our Commitment

The values we exhibit in the creation of beautiful, fresh, natural and organic ingredients based products are core to who we are at Organique. It is not to say that we are perfect by any stretch. We recognize that the demands of modern manufacturing, global sourcing and distribution, places pressure on our values to continually do better. We see life in a cycle and so too we take cradle to grave sustainability most seriously in our business, as we continually improve and reduce our footprint on this precious and finite earth.

Organique wheel of responsibility:

  • Sourcing and Distribution
  • Research and Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Research & Development

We create products that deliver our customers great results in an ethical way. It is our way of saying to our customers that you want to look, feel and do good, well, so do we and here’s how we contribute to you living your values. This means our chemists work with organic, natural and naturally derived ingredients. The demands of creating products that deliver exceptional results means we work with the very best of science, such as our Olindum Complex technology, but we work hard not to compromise our commitment to keeping it natural. The way that we live this value is shown in our approach to reject common mineral or distilled water that our competitors use, instead choosing the pristine waters of the Olinda Spring in all our products.

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