Return Policy

All returns must be within 7 days from purchase. All merchandise must be accompanied by a valid receipt. Where product is unused, the customer is entitled to an exchanges or refund to same method of payment as the initial purchase. Where less than 30% of the product has been used, the customer is entitled to an exchange only. Where more than 30% of the product has been used, NO refund or exchange can be given. No exchange or refund applies to gift vouchers.

Product Safety: All Organique’s skincare and body-care products are developed and produced at a high standard, using quality ingredients, and where practical these will be sourced from Australian organic producers. Products are further tested at independent laboratories for Efficacy of the various ingredients. This testing regime takes into consideration the product packaging so as to replicate the customer purchase. As products come to market, we shall also place samples for Stability testing over a minimum of twelve (12) months. For consistency we will periodically sample various batches to further validate the quality is in line with the relevant standards and our own expectations. As the core ingredient of our skin-care products is Macadamia nut oil, should you have a known allergic reaction to nuts, Macadamia nut, we strongly advise not using our range of shin-care and body-care products. If you have no known allergy to Macadamia nuts and your skin shows signs of redness or irritation on the application of our products stop the application and if the irritation continues, seek advice from your family doctor.

All enquires are to be directed in the first instance to enquiries at +60123797236 or at

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