Sourcing & Distribution

We are an Australian story and our natural and organic ingredients are proudly majority Australian sourced. However, our wider supply chain creates a much larger challenge to remain in keeping with our values, and this is especially so as our business is experiencing such profound change and growth. One way we are addressing this challenge is to consolidate our spending power. This gives us a positive influence and voice when working with leading suppliers that have strong quality systems and share in similar values for excellence, ethics and the environment. Distribution costs are a major tax on our environment and it makes sense to us to avoid where possible the unnecessary transportation of ingredients across the world, when it can be just as easily sourced locally. Even where it is more expensive to do so we think about the hidden costs and our true footprint in carbon, emissions and waste. Our approach extends to our logistics partners, as we adopted a world’s best approach to securing the attention and support of the most efficient hub and spoke carrier globally. This ensures that as we grow we have partners that are already way out in front and for us to catch. We have been rewarded for our efforts with wonderful Australian suppliers aligned in the common pursuit to create outstanding products in an ethical commercial model.

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